Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri's Law

Given recent developments in Federal Case Law, from this time forward changes have been implemented in capital cases.

From now on, death penalty cases will be tried in front of blind judges, without juries, taking into account only witnesses with whom the judge feels comfortable relying on.

Criminals condemned to death have automatic appeals, generally taking around 10 years to complete at present.

In the interests of compassionate and humane treatment, the "death process" for condemned criminals will not be interrupted while the appeals are being made.

In the interest of compassion, from the date of conviction, after seven days have elapsed, condemned prisoners will be strapped in a bed, furnished no food or water, or other means of nourishment or hydration. Their appeals process will proceed in a normal and customary manner. For no reason will the furnishing of any means of nourishment or hydration be allowed until the appeals process is exhausted.

Seems reasonable doesn’t it.

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