Saturday, November 24, 2007

The One Way

Many people today see the church as irrelevant. They want the “church” to address the ills of society, to make wrong right and to make everything okay.

That is not the church’s function. The church is the body of believers, the body of Christ. The function of the church is to paraphrase our parish’s mission statement:

To minister to the spiritual needs of our its members so they might effectively spread the Word of God and the good news of His Son Jesus Christ, our Savior, locally and throughout the world by prayer, word and deed, and in our case, in the Anglican tradition.

The members are then to act a Christian fashion and then they themselves can work to right wrongs, etc, etc.

People talk today about “family values” and homosexual acceptance in the same paragraph. They are not willing to judge one social system superior to another.

With no grounding (due to the abject failure of their parents) in religion, people substitute good for right, feeling good for doing the right thing. With no moral absolute, only moral relativity, there is no lodestar pointing the way. The one way.

Homosexual marriage is okay, not because it is okay, but because we don’t want people to feel bad. We back the individual’s right to do what they want, regardless of the effect on society as a whole. That is, so long as it furthers the anti-God agenda. A crucifix in a jar of urine is individual expression, praying is not.

What will the government do to help me? How about most of what is wrong is wrong because the government helped someone?

"There's this false monopoly on terms, like Republicans are champions of family values and the left is good on social justice. And young people don't like that," she said. "We don't want to be pigeonholed." Actually, the Democrats are terrible on both and the Republicans only a little better.

God charged us to be stewards of this world. But good stewards depend on good rational science to determine their course of action. Global warming is not a fact, even less a fact is man being behind it, if it exists. Yet, those who would rule us pretend it is and that the solution is to return the cave.

Many young people want to pretend the humanist agenda is God’s agenda. It is not.

We need to make the Word of God available to those who want it. We also have to face the facts, not everyone will want it. No matter how much better their lives would be if they would accept God’s help.

Remember, the Devil chose to be Number One in Hell, rather than enjoy Heaven.