Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush on the Border

The President puts forward a border policy. The open border people do not like it, the closed border people do not like it. One call “racist”, the other “panderer.”

It is said the Federal Government cannot control our border. If that is true, then we need a new Federal Government. Control of our borders one way or the other is the first priority of a national government. We need to control who is in our country for security reasons. It is patently obvious the Federal Government can control the borders, they just do not want to.

What should it be?

A simple plan:

Seal our borders airtight;
Let those we want come in easily;
Keep those we want out, out.


ÿ We must control the security of our borders, they cannot continue a porous line.
ÿ As long as there is welfare, there will be those who do not wish to work, but would rather be parasites on society.
ÿ Parasites are not a good thing; all they breed is more parasites.
ÿ Our country needs people to do the bottom end jobs.
ÿ Everyone who wants a job has a job.
ÿ As long as there is welfare, the bottom end jobs will not be done by Americans.
ÿ We need guest workers or we need to eliminate welfare.
ÿ Guest workers should not be allowed to have their children be automatically granted citizenship, that is a misreading of the 14th Amendment.
ÿ We must establish a Guest Worker program that addresses the issues of security and sovereignty.
ÿ We must make it easy for legal Guest Workers to come in the country and have a mechanism to ensure they leave.
ÿ There will be illegal aliens as long as there is money to be made here.
ÿ There will be money to be made here as long as there are jobs which will not be done by legal residents/citizens.
ÿ Citizens will not do the jobs as long as there is welfare.
ÿ The current situation is untenable.