Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Great Disconnect

First Directive – You must verify that a person is a legal resident of the United States and has the necessary paperwork allowing them to work in the country before you pay them to cut your grass.

Second Directive – The State may not ask a person about their legal residency status before they give them welfare, medical treatment, driver’s license or anything else.

Let me get this straight. I cannot pay an illegal alien to cut my grass. The State takes money from me at the point of a gun to pay illegal aliens.

I guess being the State has its privileges, doesn’t it?

I cannot pay for an illegal alien. So if they need money, they go to the State who can pay them, but only if they do not work.

Do you still wonder why we have a budget deficit?

Our government has a mental illness called liberalism.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Pat Tillman – American Hero – Friendly Fire

As we come up on Memorial Day, it is fitting to reflect on an American Hero, Ranger Pat Tillman.

Pat Tillman left a lucrative career as a ball player to defend his country. He did something millions of Americans before him did, he put his country before his personal being. He consciously gave his today so we might have a free tomorrow. Pat Tillman joined the Army and in the end became Ranger Tillman. Ranger Tillman lived in a world where having been a ball player was kind of cool, where being a Ranger was here, now and the only thing. He excelled because he had talent and heart.

Ranger Tillman was an American Hero because he did what heroes do, he put country before self.

Ranger Tillman gave his life for our country in Afghanistan on a hill whose name no one can pronounce. In the end, as so many American Heroes have done he gave more than his today, he gave all his tomorrows that we might have that free tomorrow. He died as a result of “friendly fire”, although I can tell you no one shooting at you is all that friendly. Friendly Fire; Blue on Blue, Fratricide. All words that mean the fog of war claimed another casualty. Even in today’s age of internet and instantaneous communications, the fog of war extends far from the battlefield. There was far more going on than the death of Ranger Tillman. Was his name used to help recruiting? Certainly. Did he mind? Certainly not. Does Blue on Blue imply homicide, as some have said? Clearly not. Is it investigated? To the extent possible. We want to make sure it does not happen again. We try to keep our people safe. Ranger Tillman loved his country and unlike the press, knew when she called.

Does the fact that he died of “friendly fire” mean Ranger Tillman was not a hero. No. The day Pat Tillman swore to “…uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” he became a hero.

Those who defend us are all heroes. Ordinary Joes, perhaps; but all heroes.

War is dangerous. War is horror. But, war is far from the worst thing. We grieve at the death any of our warrior family. Somehow it is worse when the death is at our hand. The fact that his death was by friendly fire changes not his heroic status. It is sad his family lost their son and brother. It is even sadder that his parents for whatever reason want to do other than honor the sacrifice of their son. He gave his life that this country might be free. He gave his life to make this a better world.

All gave some,
Some gave all.

God, Honor, Country – Now and Forever

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Did you ever wonder why?

Why is it that when politicians come to us for money, it is always for THE CHILDREN, POLICE, FIRE or the ROADS.

Why do they never ask for more money for their pay raises, new fancy buildings for them, art projects, welfare and the like?

The answer is simple, they always have enough money for their projects. The things the people actually want the government to do, those they know the people will allow the government to raise their taxes for.

People who vote for additional taxes and for government indebtedness deserve what they get. I do not.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Illegal Immigration - Symptom, not Cause

Illegal immigration is much in the news today and it is BAD. But, perhaps not for the reasons put forward to date.

Any time a law exists and is ignored, all laws are less respected. Thus the 65 mph speed limit and illegal immigration both contribute to our higher than needed murder rate.

It is said the Federal Government cannot control our border. If that is true, then we need a new Federal Government; control of our borders one way or the other is the first priority of a national government. We need to control who is in our country for security reasons. It is patently obvious the Federal Government can control the borders, they just do not want to.

There was no problem with illegal immigration in the 1950s. Why? Economic conditions in Mexico were bad then. That is an easy guess, they have always been bad in that Third World country and always will be until they get a Constitutional Democratic Republic that recognizes property rights and civil rights.

The reason was there were no jobs here in the United States. The jobs were being done by Americans.

Today, there are many job openings that cannot be filled by Americans.

We do need immigrants to do jobs Americans will not do. That pretty much describes any job that pays less than $12.50 per hour, after taxes. But, you say, the Minimum Wage is too low, $6.25 per hour here in Kalifornia. No one can live on $6.25 an hour. No one works for Minimum Wage here. PERIOD.

I need help keeping my yard. I pay $10.00 per hour for yard help, CASH! To a needy person from the city? Not hardly, they do not have to work. The State takes money from me at the point of a gun and gives it to them; they call it Welfare. I call it robbery.

The problem is Welfare. Welfare pays about $25,000.00 a year ($12.50 per hour) here. There are tens of thousands of people in the county who do not have to work. They live on my money, yet they won't cut my grass. There are thousands on welfare whose grandparents were on welfare.

Eliminate welfare. If you want to give aid to children, sterilize both parents who spawned children they cannot take care of. Do not let them reproduce more unproductive leaches on productive members of society.

Isn't is odd that those who find no problem in murdering children via "The Right to Choose" cannot grasp the benefit of sterilizing those who will not work?

Eliminate welfare, secure the border, grant work visas to those who want them.