Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thoughts on the Roman offer of unity - Reception of Anglican Groups, etc.

It would seem that a united Christian church would be a grand idea and in keeping with the direction given us by our Lord. Yet, under what terms?

Recently Rome has offered up the prospect of receiving Anglicans in particular into their fold, thus increasing “unity.” Is this unity a good unity or a bad unity?

Before one can decide good or bad, one should look at the standard.

Are we to be a biblically based Christian church or not?

The answer for Anglicans is that we reformed our church to comply with biblical standards five hundred or so years ago.

And the Church of Rome? Do they conform to biblical standards?

The answer is clearly a resounding NO!

We wish to be catholic, as in universal, yet we are protestant. Is that a conflict?

Are we catholic? A loud YES! We believe in those things Christians have always believed in as defined in the Nicene Creed.

Are we protestant? Also a loud YES! We protested against the errors of Rome when that church left the Bible far behind. Rome consistently values tradition and self-serving, self-developed dogma over scripture. Their loyalty is to their “church” here on earth rather than to our Lord.

Would it be good to come together? Certainly!

On what terms? Simple, we can unify under our Lord when they return to Him. In the meantime, NO.