Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BUDGET CUTS mean Hard Choices

So reads the headline on a MOAA article. MOAA, the Military Officers Association of America, the fraternal organization for officers of all the Armed Services. MOAA was realistically discussing the effects of the massive budget shortfall on its members. With the various armed conflicts in Southwest Asia winding down, the politicians in Washington feel comfortable in reneging on promises made to military members. They feel the country will not notice a promise or two or ten broken to those who put their lives on the line for our country. No problem. The four stars are right in line with them, after all what do you expect from political appointees whose primary qualification for promotion to flag rank is suction. Suction, unctuousness and a handsome appearance, what more could you expect from four stars?

It is true! The budget is in sad shape. Our government has committed trillions of dollars they have no idea where to find to projects they have no idea of for reasons clear only to the other hogs at the trough.

Where to find that money? Simple, start cutting Veterans' Benefits, those old tired war dogs, then cut Active Duty pay and benefits. Let them live like the rest of the country. Why should they get the special privileges they did not earn. After all, they are not important to the country like the exalted congress. The pay for privates can be more effectively used by the Congressman's home and office visiting doctor or his barber or the masseuse in the basement.

Plus, the poor need money. They have lots of kids to feed and things to buy and all that sort of thing. Don't forget the undocumented Democrats, formerly known as ILLEGAL ALIENS. Some of them even have aunts! The AUNT OF THE YEAR How about starting by taking a look at the Constitution and if you cannot find a government program there, quit funding it.

By the way, Dear Leader has a new life long medical care plan for Veterans. Call him when you are SHOVEL READY.

One minor question, if the illegal alien aunt is owed a living by the country, then everyone is, so the question: Who is going to work to pay for all this?