Sunday, July 21, 2013

An American

We have heard a lot in the past week about This Kind of American and That Kind of American.  There is only one American, they come in differing colors, shapes and sizes.  But, all Americans bleed the same red for their country.  Don't let anyone divide us.  E Pluribus Unum.  We are one, anyone who wants to have a qualifier is not an American.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Abortion as a means of reducing undesirables in United States

Comment from a reader:

The abortion issue continues here.

In 2011 160,000 women lost access to family planning services under Medicaid here - the number continues to grow.

The unplanned pregnancy birth rates have skyrocketed and continue to grow.

If the bill passes here 37 of 42 clinics will close and others will not have access due to the law if there is a hospital within 30 miles.

We have 17 million people behind bars
We have 17 million people active in churches

So if those numbers are equal will those 17million church goers pay the $35,000 to $50,000 annual for the growing incarceration due to unwanted births, and children without love in their life?

We also agreed that 70 percent of blacks are born without parents in wedlock. Who will adopt those unwanted black kids?- foster care -

I'm trying to figure out the republican agenda without any foresight of how to pay for it in future costs as well as the implications to society.  It's like the 99 weeks of unemployment - who thought that out as we continue to lose 30,000 manufacturing jobs per month- not much chance of re- employment is there?  No one is thinking anything through.

Give me some ideas - trying to more than "god will take care of it all"- because the solution might be a plague …

Response - The actual number of persons incarcerated in the United States appears to be about 2.3 Million or 1 in 142.  Most of these (probably 80 percent) are in for drug related offenses.  The average cost for each prisoner is $24,000.00

This was a Christian country.  It is now a pagan country actively worshipping Baal.  Rather than the Christian moral and work ethic, we:
·      Pay people not to work;
·      Pay people to have children out of wedlock;
·      Charge people more taxes if they are married than if they are single;
·      Encourage random out of wedlock sex without consequences;
·      Think people have a right to kill their babies because they are inconvenient;
·      Complain of low birth rate, while killing babies;
·      Encourage illegal immigration, while making legal immigration almost impossible;
·      Have 20 million people unemployed and the solution is to bring in another 25 million illegals and give them citizenship;
·      Enforce only those laws that the current administration finds convenient, while not repealing others;
·      Accept a police state far worse than anything the 1930s Nazis could imagine;
·      Give government union employees total control over our lives;
·      Let the legislatures abrogate their law making responsibility and give it to the bureaucracy;
·      Let the courts rule a dog's tail to be a leg;
·      Are ruled by the government.

All this since you and I have been born.  One generation, no more.

Do we need more gangbangers?  No, we have plenty already.  Is the solution killing babies?  Not for the country I want to live in.  Tell people they won't be paid to farm kids.  If they want welfare, the mom and dad will be sterilized.  Bet they figure out birth control quickly.

The only solution is to return to the country's foundation, a Back to Basics program.  We won't, of course.

The country is nigh on bankrupt.  States like California are well beyond.

Pray that God will raise up a leader from among us.  Put your faith in Him.  Don't sell any of your ammunition.  You will need it badly, if He does not choose to raise up a leader.


Dear Apple!

Just for the record:

I do not want EVER want apps and windows to re-open when I restart or shut down and start again.  NEVER EVER!

OSX has big issues!