Sunday, April 24, 2005

Theodore Olson and the Legal System

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal by Theodore Olson carries these lines:

- So it is time to take a deep breath, step back, and inject a little perspective into the recent heated rhetoric about judges and the courts.

We might start by getting a firm grip on the reality that our independent judiciary is the most respected branch of our government, and the envy of the world. -

Respected by whom?

You have judges masturbating in court rooms, taking bribes, sleeping during trials, more importantly telling us the Constitution says things that clearly are not there and telling us things that are plainly written in it are not there. Cap that with a judge directing the torture death of a handicapped lady in Florida. The judge claimed she was in a “Persistent Vegetative State”, a view held by three of the five experts he allowed.

Oh, respected by who? Probably the same people who think the Israelis were behind 9/11 or the people who think there is a vast Right Wing Conspiracy or the people that think “Bush Lied” when he told us what he was being told by the intelligence community. Or maybe better yet by the people who think there is overwhelming evidence of Global Warming and the oil companies are keeping us from using the 100 mile per gallon carburetor.

We have a fantastic legal system. It serves the purposes of its constituents admirably. If you are a judge or an attorney, it does well by you.

If you are a normal everyday citizen, you might even get justice as a by-product of the legal system, or then again, you might not.

In the Terry Schiavo case, as in countless others, the legal system made it clear their priorities are perfecting their position as the ultimate authority, deflecting any possible questioning of their authority, increasing the span of governmental control, increasing the take of the legal system; then if there is anything left over, justice can be done as a by-product.

Mr. Olson’s article loses sight of the point. Just because the majority thinks something is so, it is not necessarily so, even if they are judges:

If a judge says a dog’s tail is a leg, how many legs does a dog have?

Four, calling a leg a tail does not make it a tail, even if it is called a tail by a judge.

The founding fathers gave our government a tripod on which to stand, not a monopod.

The Executive and the Legislative were to function as a check and balance on the Judiciary. Serve as a check and balance, not to bow down and worship it.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Illegal Immigration

We have an all time high illegal immigrant content in our country.

Why and what is the problem?

Not because the borders aren’t secure. The borders have not been secure in the past and we had no problem. We had no problem in the past because there was not a plethora of job openings at the bottom of the wage scale. Why? Our unemployment seems to be low, at an all time low actually. That is the reason. There are jobs here with no workers available to fill them.

But wait, what about all those people on welfare who are bleeding our country dry? They aren’t unemployed anymore. They are permanently in the welfare system and do not have to work. Right now being on welfare pays far more than the minimum wage. Who wants to take a pay cut and actually have to go to work when you can stay home? The Federal Minimum Wage is $5.15 per hour, here in Kalifornia it is $6.75 per hour. But wait, how much do these illegal aliens work for? You cannot find people who will do yard work for less than $9.00 per hour. Not bad wages.

But the illegal aliens are taking jobs from Americans, Americans would fill those jobs if the aliens weren’t coming in. Maybe, but they haven’t yet. They would rather sit on their haunches and wait for the next welfare plantation delivery.

What is the Problem?
There are two problems, the illegal aliens are criminals. They are in the country illegally. They are breaking the law they need to be deported, NOW. If we need workers, make Guest Worker Passes easy to get. Quit allowing people to break the law. Lesson, if some laws are broken, some respect is lost for all laws.

The welfare system has created a permanent ward of the state class, from which escape is almost, but not quite, impossible. With nothing to do but wait for the next welfare check, people are idle. Idle people have time to get into trouble.

Where do roughly 90 percent of our jail populations come from? The welfare class.

Eliminate welfare, people will work before they starve. Few will turn to crime to support themselves, because in actuality, crime does not pay all that well.
Those that do turn to crime can be rounded up and put where they do not cause problems for the rest of us. There will be fewer openings for illegal aliens, less need for legal aliens, the tax burden will go down as people transfer from wards of the state to productive citizen status.

Allow people to obtain Guest Worker Passes at the border. Monitor their activities and deport them if they violate their pass terms. Illegal aliens caught crossing the border or in the country should be deported after a few months or so on a work team doing public works.

By the way, the Minutemen are not vigilantes, look up the word. They are concerned citizens doing a job the Federal Government is refusing to do. Actually, their energy would be better spent filing Writs of Mandamus requiring the Federal Officers to do their job or resign.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Donation Time

I do not know about you. I am getting a call or two a week lately from the Republican Party looking for donations.

We have a Republican President, a Republican Senate (except our two hookers from Kalifornia) and a Republican House.

Things aren’t going the way I want to see them go.

The Republicans are trying to suck up to the liberals who will never vote for them, while turning their back on me, their “base.” Now they want my money, like all the years gone by.

I love my country, I do not want to turn it over to Blame America First liberals. The Republican Party "needs" money. I have money.

What to say?

“Tell President Bush to repent and apologize for what he left undone for Terri Schiavo and letting Judge Greer kill her; tell Bill Frist I expect judges who can read the Constitution and I don’t give a damn what Boss Reid thinks. When you get those two done, call me back. In the mean time, I am sending all my donation money to MoveAmericaForward. They know what to do with it. Make sure you explain to your supervisor why you are not getting any donations and have a nice day.” Click.

The political machine runs on money. Republican machine is going to be short mine. I am donating all of my excess cash to MoveAmericaForward. They know who has been good and who has not. If they want to forward some to the Republican Party, okay by me.

Join my money and me at:

Fight’s on, Fight’s on!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Major Les Heather

Major Les Heather, USAF CA ANG - 163 ASOC/DASC & 196 Intel

Les Heather died 16 April 2005 apparently of a heart attack. We were putting the boat back on the trailer. Les was standing on the tongue of the trailer, looked up at us and just fell into the water.

Les spent his last day doing the things he loved. We talked for the two plus hour trip about his friends, his teaching career, and his mom and dad.

Love, Joy

That is the end of Les' time here on earth. He has gone on to make things ready for us. While he was here, Les made a real difference in the world around him. The part of the world he touched was better when he left than when he got there.

Some thoughts on Les Heather from the boys, when you read them reflect on what will be said about you when you go on:
Joy knew Les way better than I ever could.

Les never missed a drill. Les was always there when you needed him, or just before. You could bet your life on Les. There were never any excuses why he did not do something, he just did it.

Les was the fellow who could make anything electro-mechanical happen that needed to happen. He was the Intel Puke who could make the field phones talk to anyone I ever needed to talk to. Les was one of the primary components of the ASOC/DASC. Without Les, it would not operate. As long as Les was along, we would have enough to get by, maybe more, never less. As Les was fond of saying, "Les is more, more or less." I know I have seen him happy, I know I have seen him mad, but most of all, I am certain I never saw him sad. There is no one on the face of this earth who could cook better mushrooms; in a canteen cup, if need be. Les was a joy to be around. He was also the only one I have ever seen who could make starched fatigues wrinkle within 30 minutes of putting them on.

Les was a great friend. God rest his soul.
I'm really sorry to hear about Les. He was really a nice guy - as you said, always upbeat and smiling. The world is a sadder place. Maybe they needed him to keep the Pope up on the latest intell.

Best regards, Blake

BG Blake Lamar, 163 TFW/CC

What sad news. He often spent the night at our house on drill weekends, and we tried to go into business together once. If you get an address to send flowers,please let me know. I won't be able to make the funeral I'm afraid. I'll light a candle for him.

Mike Muratet, 163 ASOC/DASC the other miracle comm guy

Thanks for the notice. Les was one of the good guys. The events of his passing really hit me close to home. I hope that when my time comes that I have the privilege of it happening while doing something that I love.

T. M. Connell TC – 196 TFS/TRS WSO


Thanks for the email. I always loved Les and thought he was a great guy. I can't think of a time when he didn't greet me with a smile.

All the best,

Scotty Combest 196 TFS/TRS Pilot and Unknown Rider
I know he was grinning after testing his boat. That's why I want same on golf course....after the birdie putt rolls in.
Rob Blissard, 196 TFS Pilot

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Club Senate

The Senate of the United States was envisioned by the founding fathers as the conservative stabilizing influence half of the legislature; the House of Representatives being directly elected by the people every two years being expected to be more volatile.

The Senate has always been an exclusive club. A Senator represents one percent of America. Presuming a reasonably equal split between two parties, they each represent two percent of the majority of America’s voters. This also presumes that representing means doing what they were sent to do.

One of the problems with a small body such as the Senate is that it is pretty easy to think you are important because you are a Senator. Not a servant or representative of the people, but rather a ruler of a fiefdom.

The Republicans in the Senate were sent there to take control of our country from the forces of National Socialism who would take our freedom and give over our sovereignty to a one world order. Their first order was to gain control of the judiciary; to ensure that judges who both could and would read the Constitution the way it was written, not look to Canada or France’s judicial decisions would be appointed.

The Republican Senators lead by “Majority Leader” Bill Frist do not want to upset the National Socialists lead by Boss Harry Reid. Upset? The people who do not want judges to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States” are the enemy. They are bent on the destruction of our form of government and way of life.

Let Bill Frist’s heart not be troubled, as soon as the Democrats are the majority party again, the filibuster rule is dead meat.

Senators are far more impressed with being a Senator than most people are impressed with them. They feel the need to get along in their exclusive club, Club Senate. It would be very un-cool to stand up for one’s beliefs and one’s country if it would offend a fellow Senator. Unless you are a Democrat. Who the heck do those Republicans think they are trying to ram things through the Senate like they are the majority party?

What do the people want?

CO Jones as the Senate Majority Leader. For those of you not close to the southern border, the points are:

• This is a war;
• We need a leader who will ride towards the sound of gunfire;
• The time to get along is long gone.

I do not know about you. I am getting a call or two a week lately from the Republican Party looking for donations. What to say?

“Tell President Bush to repent and apologize for what he left undone for Terri Schiavo and letting Judge Greer kill her; tell Bill Frist I expect judges who can read the Constitution and I don’t give a damn what Boss Reid thinks. When you get those two done, call me back. Make sure you explain to your supervisor why you are not getting any donations and have a nice day.” Click.

Fight’s on, Fight’s on!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Murder in the First Degree

Murder in the first degree is always wrong, otherwise it would not be murder. Some inferior translations of the Bible/Torah use the word kill in the Commandments, but the correct word is murder. That is what happened to Terri, Judicial Murder.

Voting on a thing makes it neither right nor wrong. Opinions are opinions, they are how someone views a thing. An opinion one way or the other does not make something right or wrong. There is a higher authority, referred to in our founding papers. He has defined right and wrong. Liberals cannot grasp this. No matter how much propaganda is put out, right is still right, wrong is still wrong.

If a judge says a dog’s tail is a leg, how many legs does a dog have?

Four, calling a leg a tail does not make it a tail, even if it is called a tail by a judge.

Jim Robinson is wrong on count, though. “She was simply snuffed out per a judge's order based on three out of five expert "opinions.” Terri was tortured to death, with pre-meditation and under color of authority.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Air Force of the Future, or is there a future?

The US Air Force has a problem. They refuse to grasp that they do not win wars, but they make winning possible. Wars are won by the grunt with the rifle standing on the piece of ground and holding it. But, he cannot get there without air support.

The world war winning force, the force that kept the Cold War from becoming hot, does not want to change to fight today’s war.

We need to make a radical change in our force structure. We need to look deep into our past and be honest in the assessment of our future, both friends and enemies.

Right now there is no fighter in the world that can take on the F-15E four against one, let alone one on one. Notice, the F-15E, not F-15C. The two seat version will pound the single seat every time.

We need capability to deliver lots of precision bombs in a low threat area over an extended period of time. Kind of like wall to wall, Bombs Single. We don’t have that.

The Air Force needs a radical shift in thinking.

The Air Force needs to understand there are two types of air war environments, High Threat and Low Threat. The Air Force’s job is to turn all threat environments into a Low Threat environment. In a Low Threat environment, the Blue Force (US) has Air Superiority. There is no credible threat from enemy air, SAMs or AAA. To do that, one needs Air Superiority Fighters, Offensive Counter Air Fighters, SAM / AAA Suppression Fighters.

The Force Structure is shrinking. We cannot afford multiple aircraft types. One size has to fit all. In the late 1970s, the F-4 Phantom II was the one size that fit all. The F-15E could be the one size that would fit all, but the design is 30 years old and not very stealthy.

Buy the F-22, but in a stretched two seat version. Give the aircraft a 2,500nm un-refueled range, two seats, the ability to carry four 2,000 or eight 1,000 pound precision guided weapons, or 12 air to air missiles, and a gun. That will handle both Air Superiority and Offensive Counter Air. Buy a couple of squadrons fitted as Wild Weasels to handle SAM / AAA Suppression. Loose the JSF, it is too small and will be too expensive in the quantities we can afford. Just like 30 years ago when it would have been cheaper to buy all F-15s, rather than the less capable mix of F-15s and F-16s. Don’t buy anything that it out of a job after the first day of the war when Air Superiority is attained.

Buy a bomber version of the Boeing 777 or 787. This needs to be a long range bomber with an un-refueled range of at least 11,000nm with a payload of 50,000 pounds. If you buy a multi-role version with a full sized fuselage, you could double as a tanker, cargo hauler and bomber. Using General Jumper’s net-centric idea, all the data gained from the big Boeing’s radar and sensor package could net back to the Command and Control Center. The bomber can be based on an airliner because it will only operate when you have air superiority, just like the B-52. An airliner based bomber could have crew quarters allowing two full crews so round the world missions could be safely operated without having to sleep on the floor. An airliner based bomber with precision guided weapons could orbit a city like Bagdad for two days at a fraction of the cost of the Predator or Global Hawk.

Get rid of the B-1, get rid of the B-52.

Airlift is critical. It needs to be simpler and more reliable. It also needs to be cheaper. Simplify the C-17 and buy a lot of them. Get rid of the C-130. Buy a bunch of C-27 Sparton replacements. Either simplify the C-5 or park it, it is a maintenance nightmare.

The T-6 Texan II is a boondoggle. Too late to park it? Probably not, how about selling them to some other country. Buy the tandem seat Citation offered by Cessna.

Buy a bunch of light aircraft, let squadrons have organic airlift like 50 years ago.

More to follow.