Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Donation Time

I do not know about you. I am getting a call or two a week lately from the Republican Party looking for donations.

We have a Republican President, a Republican Senate (except our two hookers from Kalifornia) and a Republican House.

Things aren’t going the way I want to see them go.

The Republicans are trying to suck up to the liberals who will never vote for them, while turning their back on me, their “base.” Now they want my money, like all the years gone by.

I love my country, I do not want to turn it over to Blame America First liberals. The Republican Party "needs" money. I have money.

What to say?

“Tell President Bush to repent and apologize for what he left undone for Terri Schiavo and letting Judge Greer kill her; tell Bill Frist I expect judges who can read the Constitution and I don’t give a damn what Boss Reid thinks. When you get those two done, call me back. In the mean time, I am sending all my donation money to MoveAmericaForward. They know what to do with it. Make sure you explain to your supervisor why you are not getting any donations and have a nice day.” Click.

The political machine runs on money. Republican machine is going to be short mine. I am donating all of my excess cash to MoveAmericaForward. They know who has been good and who has not. If they want to forward some to the Republican Party, okay by me.

Join my money and me at:

Fight’s on, Fight’s on!

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