Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Major Les Heather

Major Les Heather, USAF CA ANG - 163 ASOC/DASC & 196 Intel

Les Heather died 16 April 2005 apparently of a heart attack. We were putting the boat back on the trailer. Les was standing on the tongue of the trailer, looked up at us and just fell into the water.

Les spent his last day doing the things he loved. We talked for the two plus hour trip about his friends, his teaching career, and his mom and dad.

Love, Joy

That is the end of Les' time here on earth. He has gone on to make things ready for us. While he was here, Les made a real difference in the world around him. The part of the world he touched was better when he left than when he got there.

Some thoughts on Les Heather from the boys, when you read them reflect on what will be said about you when you go on:
Joy knew Les way better than I ever could.

Les never missed a drill. Les was always there when you needed him, or just before. You could bet your life on Les. There were never any excuses why he did not do something, he just did it.

Les was the fellow who could make anything electro-mechanical happen that needed to happen. He was the Intel Puke who could make the field phones talk to anyone I ever needed to talk to. Les was one of the primary components of the ASOC/DASC. Without Les, it would not operate. As long as Les was along, we would have enough to get by, maybe more, never less. As Les was fond of saying, "Les is more, more or less." I know I have seen him happy, I know I have seen him mad, but most of all, I am certain I never saw him sad. There is no one on the face of this earth who could cook better mushrooms; in a canteen cup, if need be. Les was a joy to be around. He was also the only one I have ever seen who could make starched fatigues wrinkle within 30 minutes of putting them on.

Les was a great friend. God rest his soul.
I'm really sorry to hear about Les. He was really a nice guy - as you said, always upbeat and smiling. The world is a sadder place. Maybe they needed him to keep the Pope up on the latest intell.

Best regards, Blake

BG Blake Lamar, 163 TFW/CC

What sad news. He often spent the night at our house on drill weekends, and we tried to go into business together once. If you get an address to send flowers,please let me know. I won't be able to make the funeral I'm afraid. I'll light a candle for him.

Mike Muratet, 163 ASOC/DASC the other miracle comm guy

Thanks for the notice. Les was one of the good guys. The events of his passing really hit me close to home. I hope that when my time comes that I have the privilege of it happening while doing something that I love.

T. M. Connell TC – 196 TFS/TRS WSO


Thanks for the email. I always loved Les and thought he was a great guy. I can't think of a time when he didn't greet me with a smile.

All the best,

Scotty Combest 196 TFS/TRS Pilot and Unknown Rider
I know he was grinning after testing his boat. That's why I want same on golf course....after the birdie putt rolls in.
Rob Blissard, 196 TFS Pilot

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