Monday, April 04, 2005

Murder in the First Degree

Murder in the first degree is always wrong, otherwise it would not be murder. Some inferior translations of the Bible/Torah use the word kill in the Commandments, but the correct word is murder. That is what happened to Terri, Judicial Murder.

Voting on a thing makes it neither right nor wrong. Opinions are opinions, they are how someone views a thing. An opinion one way or the other does not make something right or wrong. There is a higher authority, referred to in our founding papers. He has defined right and wrong. Liberals cannot grasp this. No matter how much propaganda is put out, right is still right, wrong is still wrong.

If a judge says a dog’s tail is a leg, how many legs does a dog have?

Four, calling a leg a tail does not make it a tail, even if it is called a tail by a judge.

Jim Robinson is wrong on count, though. “She was simply snuffed out per a judge's order based on three out of five expert "opinions.” Terri was tortured to death, with pre-meditation and under color of authority.

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