Thursday, April 14, 2005

Club Senate

The Senate of the United States was envisioned by the founding fathers as the conservative stabilizing influence half of the legislature; the House of Representatives being directly elected by the people every two years being expected to be more volatile.

The Senate has always been an exclusive club. A Senator represents one percent of America. Presuming a reasonably equal split between two parties, they each represent two percent of the majority of America’s voters. This also presumes that representing means doing what they were sent to do.

One of the problems with a small body such as the Senate is that it is pretty easy to think you are important because you are a Senator. Not a servant or representative of the people, but rather a ruler of a fiefdom.

The Republicans in the Senate were sent there to take control of our country from the forces of National Socialism who would take our freedom and give over our sovereignty to a one world order. Their first order was to gain control of the judiciary; to ensure that judges who both could and would read the Constitution the way it was written, not look to Canada or France’s judicial decisions would be appointed.

The Republican Senators lead by “Majority Leader” Bill Frist do not want to upset the National Socialists lead by Boss Harry Reid. Upset? The people who do not want judges to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States” are the enemy. They are bent on the destruction of our form of government and way of life.

Let Bill Frist’s heart not be troubled, as soon as the Democrats are the majority party again, the filibuster rule is dead meat.

Senators are far more impressed with being a Senator than most people are impressed with them. They feel the need to get along in their exclusive club, Club Senate. It would be very un-cool to stand up for one’s beliefs and one’s country if it would offend a fellow Senator. Unless you are a Democrat. Who the heck do those Republicans think they are trying to ram things through the Senate like they are the majority party?

What do the people want?

CO Jones as the Senate Majority Leader. For those of you not close to the southern border, the points are:

• This is a war;
• We need a leader who will ride towards the sound of gunfire;
• The time to get along is long gone.

I do not know about you. I am getting a call or two a week lately from the Republican Party looking for donations. What to say?

“Tell President Bush to repent and apologize for what he left undone for Terri Schiavo and letting Judge Greer kill her; tell Bill Frist I expect judges who can read the Constitution and I don’t give a damn what Boss Reid thinks. When you get those two done, call me back. Make sure you explain to your supervisor why you are not getting any donations and have a nice day.” Click.

Fight’s on, Fight’s on!

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