Friday, April 22, 2005

Illegal Immigration

We have an all time high illegal immigrant content in our country.

Why and what is the problem?

Not because the borders aren’t secure. The borders have not been secure in the past and we had no problem. We had no problem in the past because there was not a plethora of job openings at the bottom of the wage scale. Why? Our unemployment seems to be low, at an all time low actually. That is the reason. There are jobs here with no workers available to fill them.

But wait, what about all those people on welfare who are bleeding our country dry? They aren’t unemployed anymore. They are permanently in the welfare system and do not have to work. Right now being on welfare pays far more than the minimum wage. Who wants to take a pay cut and actually have to go to work when you can stay home? The Federal Minimum Wage is $5.15 per hour, here in Kalifornia it is $6.75 per hour. But wait, how much do these illegal aliens work for? You cannot find people who will do yard work for less than $9.00 per hour. Not bad wages.

But the illegal aliens are taking jobs from Americans, Americans would fill those jobs if the aliens weren’t coming in. Maybe, but they haven’t yet. They would rather sit on their haunches and wait for the next welfare plantation delivery.

What is the Problem?
There are two problems, the illegal aliens are criminals. They are in the country illegally. They are breaking the law they need to be deported, NOW. If we need workers, make Guest Worker Passes easy to get. Quit allowing people to break the law. Lesson, if some laws are broken, some respect is lost for all laws.

The welfare system has created a permanent ward of the state class, from which escape is almost, but not quite, impossible. With nothing to do but wait for the next welfare check, people are idle. Idle people have time to get into trouble.

Where do roughly 90 percent of our jail populations come from? The welfare class.

Eliminate welfare, people will work before they starve. Few will turn to crime to support themselves, because in actuality, crime does not pay all that well.
Those that do turn to crime can be rounded up and put where they do not cause problems for the rest of us. There will be fewer openings for illegal aliens, less need for legal aliens, the tax burden will go down as people transfer from wards of the state to productive citizen status.

Allow people to obtain Guest Worker Passes at the border. Monitor their activities and deport them if they violate their pass terms. Illegal aliens caught crossing the border or in the country should be deported after a few months or so on a work team doing public works.

By the way, the Minutemen are not vigilantes, look up the word. They are concerned citizens doing a job the Federal Government is refusing to do. Actually, their energy would be better spent filing Writs of Mandamus requiring the Federal Officers to do their job or resign.

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