Friday, March 06, 2009

Barack Obama – Why do people think he is anti-business?

He is not just anti-business. 0bama is anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-Christian and anti-freedom.

The now President Obama has never in his entire life had a real private sector job. Never. He has never had to work for a living where his output determined his pay. He was the victim of equal outcome education. This man’s first executive experience is the job of President of the United States.

Surrounded in his early years by homosexuals, socialists and communists, he came out pretty well considering. He looks good in a suit and doesn’t drool when not talking. That pretty much qualified him for Democratic office in Illinois, at least in the big city precincts he was elected from.

After eight years of constant mainstream media and Hollywood assault, the people thought they wanted CHANGE.

Now they have change. Not money, but the change that is left after the bills are paid. Not one heck of a lot of change, either.

Barack Obama ran for office saying he would be the agent of CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. We suppose that is as opposed to change you cannot believe in.

We have change. The market (and our retirement) is at a bit less than half of what it was under President Bush’s watch. We are incurring a tax burden about double that under President Bush. We are turning over our health care to a CZAR for rationing to balance the budget. After all, old people are going to die anyway. Why waste treatment on them, merely to extend their otherwise miserable lives. It is clear that there is not enough access to infanticide, thus the government is decreeing that all health professionals are required to provide infanticide services. This is regardless of their personal beliefs. The right of those who wish to murder their child supercedes others right to not participate.

We bail out companies too big to fail with money taken at the point of a gun from those too small to resist.