Friday, March 25, 2005

No, not one Whit!

If when a judge, also known as a "Finder of Fact" speaks, everyone must obey. He must mindlessly be obeyed. Do not take notice of the man behind the screen. Do not take notice, even though it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that at best he did not consider all available evidence. Do not take notice, even though at worst he is colluding with the opposing sides, we have a problem.

The fact is the current legal system cares not one whit about justice. It is concerned with saving its place as the ultimate authority. That is why there is no trial de novo as called for in the congressional law. There is no way the system will allow question the judgment of a judge. No one cares that Terri Schiavo will die, except perhaps Michael Schiavo, Blind Greer and Felon Felos, they care, they want her dead, perhaps each for his own reasons.

The legal system does not care, not at all.

Do not be fooled, legal system cares not one whit about justice.

When it occurs, justice is only an unintentional and sometimes irritating byproduct of the legal system.

There are two other branches of government. If they will not stand up for LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, things must change.

The Governor has a problem, he knows Terri is being murdered. First degree murder under color of authority. Problems do not get more egregious or obvious than that. What action should he take? Should he “violate the law”? What law? The order of a blind questionably rational judge, or the statutes of Florida, which are pretty darn clear?

Terri Schiavo is not about the right to die, it is about the right not to be murdered. There are many articles in today’s news about people being prosecuted for not feeding cows, not feeding dogs, mothers being starved while begging for food. But Terri is dying a natural peaceful death. Not an inhumane death like those our condemned prisoners and pound animals are subjected to.

Houston, we have a problem here.

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