Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The American Tripod

The American Government was designed as a tripod balanced on three legs, the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. Each was to be a check and balance excess of the other.

The judiciary was to judge based on laws passed by the legislature and agreed to by the executive. Only if the law was contrary to the clear word of our Constitution was the law to be unconstitutional.

Today we have a judiciary running wild, unchecked and certainly unbalanced, a judiciary that can read elimination of religion; freedom to deprive human beings of life, in and out of the womb; elimination of the rights of self-defense and freedom of association into the Constitution that clearly does not say these things. A living document, that is what they call it. By that term they mean it says what they say it says, for they are judges, appointed for life.

The time has come for balance in our government. The time has come for judges who can read, not divine meaning with a scale in their hand. We have no need for judges to make laws, they are to judge based on written law, not give law.

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