Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!"

There is no moral difference between withholding treatment, food or water which results in a person’s death and shooting them or giving them a lethal injection. No moral difference at all.

To those who say, but it is a natural and beautiful thing, one can only say, “For you.”

When one withholds treatment, food or water, one is actively killing a human being. No more, no less.

The “natural death process” Terri Schiavo is being killed with is a horrible painful ordeal, lasting so far eight days. It is not painless, at least they are now giving her morphine. By the way, did anyone ask, "Why the need for morphine for a vegetable?" No, no one asked because they know the answer, she is brain damaged, but concious, aware, sentient, a live human being, not a vegetable. Her lawyer testifies she asked to live, but the judge said, "You should have asked three days ago." An "officer of the court" said she asked to live, the judge blew him off. Why, because she must die to maintain the system and feed the deatheaters. There is no justice in a legal system, except the odd mistake. Too bad Terri must die to satisfy the deatheaters and the blind judge.

Why is this going on? Because the legal system condemned her to death in absentia, a “judge” on a mission, a deatheater. No court will overturn his decision, it would adversely affect their “god status.”

We reap what we sew, more or less. Terri married outside her own belief system, she married a deatheater and is paying for her mistake with her life.

The President, the Congress and the Governor claim to see the Terri Schiavo case as wrong. It is not a “right to die”, but a right not to be murdered issue. Unfortunately, they are all powerless against an all powerful blind Circuit Court who rules to kill. Powerless or unable to act due to paralysis. If they are, in fact, powerless, we do not need them, do we? If they are unable to act due to paralysis, we do not need them, do we? A real man would act.

"Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!" - Admiral David Glasgow Farragut

A man who knew what needed to be done and did it.

Victory goes to the one who acts, not watches and wrings their hands. All wringing ones hands results in is sore hands.

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