Saturday, March 19, 2005

Government is overhead on the people

It must be recognized that Government is overhead on the people. Overhead is essentially the cost of doing business. Overhead is not good or bad in itself. In a business producing goods or services, profit is what is left when the cost of overhead taken from the value of the goods or services produced and sold. Society is much like a business. We produce goods and services. We have various costs which must be carried by the value of the goods and services sold. We increase our standard of living by increasing the profit of our society.

One can increase profit in various ways:

• Increase the value of the goods produced, either by increasing the value of a good or service, or by increasing the volume produced;
• Decrease the cost of production, thus decreasing the overhead.

From this it should be obvious, unless overhead costs aid production, they decrease profit and thus in society decrease our standard of living.

Thus, it must be seen that overhead takes from our profit as a society.

We need to reduce government to that necessary, not further increase it to "help the poor" or whatever the cause of the day might be.

Government produces very little of value. It was supposed to regulate to the extent required to allow others to produce value.

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