Friday, October 03, 2008

As long as you are happy being poor and downtrodden, you should vote Democrat!

The Democrats are the party of the poor and the downtrodden. As long as you are happy being poor and downtrodden, you should vote Democrat.

In addition, isn't it interesting the Republicans bet the Union on freeing slaves (Civil War). The Democrats still had segregation as their official party plank until after the 1948 election. Democrats resisted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, finally passed by the Republicans. Democrats feel blacks can only exist with government protection and favoritism (note how ZeroBama got into Harvard). Note also, the Democrat’s position is remarkably similar to that of the Klu Klux Klan, not surprising in that they founded the KKK. Republicans choose the best qualified. That is why JC Watt, Colin Powell and Condelezza Rice aren't "black."

We are in the credit problem because of affirmative actions by Democrats, specifically Barney Frank, Joe Biden and ZeroBama, in resisting changes in regulatory environment and rules proposed by Republicans, specifically George Bush and John McCain. Yet, the problem is all the fault of George Bush and John McCain.

Let’s review the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Campaign Contributions:

Chris Dodd (S-D-CT) $165,400.00
Barack Obama (S-D-IL) $126,349.00
John Kerry (S-D-MA) $111,000.00
Harry Reid (S-D-NV) $77,000.00
Barney Frank (H-D-MA) $42,350.00

First question, if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are Government Sponsored Entities, what are they doing making Campaign Contributions? Second question, why are the Democrats who hold the only solution the biggest recipients of their largesse? I thought Barack Obama “warned us about this two years ago.”

John McCain sponsored legislation two years ago that would have increase oversight and tightened up lending requirements. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank kept the legislation in committee, never to see the light of day. Don’t remember those names? Look at the list above.

John McCain has been in Washington too long, 22 years. Sarah Palin has no experience, she was only a business owner, mayor and governor. She is the only one so far who suggested that if you can only afford a $100,000.00 house, perhaps you should not buy a $300,000.00 house. A more apt observation is yet to be made on the "crisis."

ZeroBama brings a fresh look to the presidency, he was elected senator about the same time Palin became governor. She ran the state every day, he managed to get to work 147 times. Joe Biden has invaluable experience, he as been a senator for 32 years.

If you have not puked yet, the headline Obama Fights Poverty $28,500 At a Time

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a hard-lined stand on 16 September 2008 for the poor and downcast. Knowing that if Big Government doesn't look out for the little guy no one will, Obama attended a fundraiser which had an attendance price of $28,500 per head. It is not known whether or not the poor or downtrodden were invited. It is certain no one rode for free.

After writing this up, AP comes out with a story on it, quoting Obama: Standing in the courtyard of the palatial estate, he said his campaign was dedicated to people who need jobs and health care and worry about their pensions and sending children to college. "It's about those who will never see the inside of a building like this," Obama said.

Skill Mismatch
* Barack Obama has put out an ad that simple minded John McCain cannot use a computer. [He has much difficulty typing due to torture by the North Vietnamese]
* John McCain has not bothered to point out the world's savior, Barack, cannot land a jet fighter on an aircraft carrier at night.

Double Standard - NO!

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