Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why John McCain?

John McCain and I do not see eye to eye on a number of things, but Barak Nobama and I do not see eye to eye on anything. As they say in the Royal Navy, ‘Always choose the lesser of the two weevils.’

At the same time, while John McCain and I do not see eye to eye on everything, we do on a lot of things. Let me point out:

John McCain would die before doing anything he thought would prove harmful to his country. John McCain would choose death over dishonor. Both these are not mere suppositions or wild claims, they are fact. Fact that no one can dispute. John McCain proved who he was, not only in combat; but as a POW.

John McCain understands both the cost of war and the horrible cost of losing a war.

John McCain is a good man.

John McCain is an honest man.

John McCain is a Christian who is not afraid of letting people know. At the same time he has no problem with others practicing their own beliefs. He is comfortable with his own Christianity and understands it is not God’s desire for him to force it on others. He got his foreign experience in Vietnam and other foreign travel on government business; but, he never attended a madrassa in Indonesia. He never registered for school as a muslim. He did not begin attending church when his wife decided he needed to belong to a “white” church to get elected. He did not attend a racist anti-American church for twenty years without noticing its point of view. He did get into a bit of trouble over religion in one of his foreign travels. He was once dubbed a “Hell’s Angel” for rioting against his captors in Vietnam in order to hold Sunday church services.

John McCain is a real and good man. A person you would be delighted to have to your home for dinner. A person with whom you could trust your life and that of your family. After all, that is what you are doing when you vote for a President.

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