Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama - BFD

This is not a bad thing.

First, never trust a man named after a body part. (I realize colon is spelled with an “o”)

Second, I have no idea what Powell was like as a Company Commander in Viet Nam. I did not meet him until he was a LTC in Europe. After that, I know. Like the dwarfs, Powell has always been for Powell. He was then, has been and always will be a liberal politician with no sense of direction. He laments one thing, pursues another. He fired Norman Schwarzkopf for providing the President his opinion when asked. The man who singlehandedly kept Desert One from being a victory. The man who cut the legs from under the anti-Sadamn forces. For some reason, George W. Bush picked him as Secretary of State, a job he was eminently qualified for as he has always put the views of his principal above any principals he might or might not have. As soon as he was relieved of that job, he began stabbing his former boss in the back.

Anyone who things being endorsed by Powell means anything positive was going to vote for 0bama anyway.

Colin Powell, a man of no integrity, whose name lives in infamy. A general who has no followers. No one would follow Powell to the Gates of Hell because they would know he had already made a deal with the devil.

What a loser!

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