Friday, December 31, 2004

No! I won't do whatever I want. You can't make me!

It does not matter what conservatives do, even it is what liberals suggested two minutes before, it isn't right.

As soon as it is clear East Asia has been hit by a devasting tsunami, the United States commits to sending 35 million dollars in aid, more than anyone in the world, the European Union taken as a group included. Stingy, slow, not enough, too little, too late. Three days, three days mind you, later the initial assessment team reports back. The aid is increased to 350 million dollars.

Yeah, but … We gave 13 billion in aid to the Southern United States after the latest hurricane.

Has anyone noticed, from a government standpoint, East Asia has not been our friend, let alone part of our own country. We are doing more than twice the rest of the world combined to help our enemy who is in need. Christianity in action.

Why don't the muslims in East Asia ask Osama bin Laden for help? He is their friend!

We are doing what we are doing because it is right. We don't really care what or if the Frogs or the Krauts have a problem with it.

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