Saturday, December 25, 2004

Donald Rumsfield

The critics say Don Rumsfield is out of touch, he has no idea what is happening, everything is his fault, we should be doing this or doing that.

Don Rumsfield spent Christmas in Iraq. He is not on "Season Break" or whatever Congress calls it now. He does not get leave. The fellow did his part for the country as a Naval Aviator in the fifties. He doesn't have to be doing this. He is the Secretary of Defense, the Chief War Fighter in our system because he is good at it. He is doing it for our country.

How may of those critics who looked down their noses at his auto-pen signatures have sent letters, signed or otherwise, to the families of those who have given their lives and part of their family for our country? How many of them have been down to Walter Reed, without news cameras, to check on the boys and girls who have been wounded?

Our country needs to be free in a safe world. Without warriors there is no freedom or safety. Don Rumsfield is a warrior.

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