Sunday, December 31, 2006

San Diego Auto Show Sucks DOT com

Today we experienced the San Diego at its finest. My lovely wife asked to go to the San Diego Auto Show. This is an event held annually at the San Diego Convention Center. The cost is $10.00 per person, thus for the three of us it would be $30.00, plus $10.00 Special Events Parking. All this to allow automakers to show us their products in the hope we might buy them.

After wending our way through the Gas Lamp Quarter, over torn up streets, around sleeping bums and drug addicts, we arrived to the front of the Convention Center. The underground parking was closed, FULL said the sign, although there were no cars to be seen in the parking garage. Oh, yes, and a sign – Additional Parking at 801 Harbor Drive – with no indication of which way was 801 Harbor Drive. The only thing was to go the way we were going, finally turn around and find the parking structure at 801 Harbor Drive. Two entrances, both with cars 10 deep, to park in a garage one the opposite side from the entrance to the show.

So, how was the show? No idea. We left. The people who planned our trip through the bums, the tank traps that pass for roads, who closed the parking garage can look for some other suckers to pay the $40.00 to look at The National City Mile of Cars inside a building. All we wanted was out of town.

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