Saturday, July 29, 2006

Israeli Restraint

Everywhere we hear about the need for Israeli restraint.


If your family was being shelled and rocketed, would you exercise restraint or would you eliminate the problem?

If you are one of those restraint exericisers, I do not want you in my family.

If my family is shot at, trust me, I will exercise every last bit of force I can get my hands on to eliminate the problem from the face of this earth.

There is only so long until the "End Game", tolerating evil only accelerates the timing. The Israelis, rather than using excessive force, by their "restraint" are only speeding the final days. The time for taking prisoners is long gone. Muslims only see prisoners as something to bargain for. The next time they kidnap an Israeli to get back their Muslim friends, the Israelis should execute every Muslim in that prison, and then go on to the town the ransom note came from.

The time for understanding, understatement and restrain is long gone.

There are 1.5 billion Muslims. If only 10 percent are hardliners, that is 150 million.

A point to keep in mind, the Israelis only have about 300 warheads. On the other hand, the Muslims only have about 100 targets of value. Thus, there are 200 warheads left for Europe in the end game.


Anonymous said...

"Thus, there are 200 warheads left for Europe in the end game."

As a euro, on the basis of your quote above, why the hell, if we're - for some bizarre reason!!! - due to get the remaining 200 nukes, should anyone in Europe help Israel???

Rodentking said...

The reason is simple, the european governments have supported the muslims against the Jews since time immemorial.