Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Definition - Projection
n 6: (psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your own traits and emotions are attributed to someone else

Finally a rational explanation of why liberals keep saying that Republicans "stole the election(s)", why they keep saying that Conservatives want to control "your body", why they say President Bush lied, why they are for the "poor", the "downtrodden" and the "oppressed" and Republicans and Conservatives are against all those things.

Perhaps some of the dimmer lights on the Democrat "holiday tree" actually believe what they say, it is possible, however implausible it might seem.

The facts are very clear, but there are none so blind as those who will not see, nor so deaf as those who will not hear.

Conservatives, as the word is commonly used today, believe the US Constitution being written in common English, as used in these United States, means precisely what it says. There are no hidden meanings, no living document, just plain English. English, not Spanglish or Japlish or Engrish. Conservatives believe the Constitution delineates individual rights, there are no group rights. Conservatives believe in the individual, they have problems dealing with Mexican-Americans, African-Americans and all the other special groups, because, surprise of surprises, they do not see people as part of other than Americans. Individual Americans, one of the nation's citizens, a single person, part of our One Nation Under God.

Democrats are the party of the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden. Without a doubt. They cannot live with freedom, prosperity and individualism. The current Democratic Party is that party, because they are the ones doing the oppressing and downtrodding! Republicans are the party of the rich and the free. If you want to be poor and oppressed, vote Democrat!

Lincoln lead the country to unity and freedom, Democrats lead the Confederacy to ruin.

I know what party I belong to.

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