Saturday, February 05, 2005

Nation of Laws

What sets the United States of America apart from any other nation on earth? We are a nation of laws.

But, you say not so, other nations have laws.

We are unique. Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution recognize that our inalienable rights come from God, not man. Our Constitution ensures, or tries to at least, that those rights are in fact inalienable.

The Constitution acknowledges our rights to freedom of (not from) religion, free speech, private property, self-defense, freedom from unreasonable search and siezure. All the things we learned in school. These cannot be taken from us by the government and the government is bound to assist us when others attempt to take these from us.

No vote in Congress, no Presidential Executive Order can take these from us. We are ruled by law, not man. The Constitution means what it says. It is clearly written in common English, or more accurately, common American.

We have individual rights, there are no group rights. Citizens are citizens, not Hyphenated, not Segregated. "E plurubus unum" is the original U.S. motto, "Out of many, one." No one is to be granted rights denied another, without due process of law.

This bothers the left.

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