Sunday, July 13, 2008


Due to Apple's Ego Centric renaming of the DOT Mac Service to Mobile Me (how me-centric can you get), they cannot renew my membership because of their own programming ineptitude. So, what to do? They will cancel my account and delete all the information in three days, if I do not renew. Of course, I cannot renew because their programmers are up and locked. Oh, yes - And I cannot even figure out how to sign in to my own account now. Great website, Steve O. What a bad joke. User friendly? If I wanted this kind of support, I would call Bill Gates!

They are AFU and I am supposed to lose my e-mail and web pages. There is no phone number, no e-mail address, no nothing. For this I have been paying $100.00 per year?

In the event my site goes down, I have already instructed our legal department to file suit. Let Apple get a taste of its own medicine!

First Memo to Steve Jobs - I find Mobile Me to be a very insulting name.

Second Memo to Steve Jobs - GET A JOB!

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Anonymous said...

Even though I can't even access my emails, what hurt me most was their stupid name- MobileMe. ICK!

My .mac email was always a proud representation that I was a Mac user.

Sure wish I could go back, Toto.