Sunday, February 03, 2008

Undocumented Workers, Illegal Aliens, Driver’s Licenses, Rebates and the like

You must understand – Words mean something. That is each word has a meaning or several meanings depending on the sense in which it is used. If a word does not have a specific meaning, then you must also understand there can be no rational expression using that word. Unless, of course, you are thinking of a “Wild Card.”

A person who is in this country is either a citizen or an alien. There is no prejudicial wording here; those are the only two categories.

Now, for a person to be a citizen, they must either have been born here or be a naturalized citizen (that is a person born in another country and given the rights of a citizen). If a person is not a citizen, then that person is by definition an alien. With the notable exception of those who have renounced their citizenship, that means they were born in a foreign country and are not a citizen of this country. There is no prejudicial wording here; those simply the definitions of the two words involved.

Now, if one is an alien, they are either here legally (That is to say with the permission of the government) or illegally (That is to say without the permission of the government).

Thus, if one is in this country without having passed through Customs and Immigration, they are by definition an illegal alien. In this country, as well as all others of which I am aware, being an illegal alien is by definition a violation of the law. In this case, all illegal aliens have broken federal law. There is no prejudicial wording here; that is simply the law.

What is an “undocumented worker”? An illegal alien. Not someone who has not passed all their craft union tests, but someone who is here illegally. They have no “documents” because they crossed the border illegally.

What does the law say to do with illegal aliens? Arrest, imprison, then deport them. Whether you like it or not, that is what the law says.

The federal courts have told the states they MUST provide education and health care to illegal aliens. They cannot “discriminate” against them. So now, the states want to give them driver’s licenses and the federal government wants to give them tax “rebates”.

Have we all gone mad?

They are breaking the law by being here. Find them, arrest them, deport them.

Then, if their own country wants them to have driver’s licenses, health care, rebates, let that government give it to them.

By the way, before you make the argument that they are doing jobs Americans won’t do, go to this website and hire a patriot to do the work illegal aliens used to do:

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