Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Message

Did you ever wonder about the message?

People mean what they say, oddly enough. Not always, but usually.

Did you know that liberals care what color you are? It is important to them that they can pigeonhole you in a category based on your external characteristics. They know if you are say, black, you are of a certain mind set, certain abilities, certain feelings. They know only they can help you be a full member of society, clearly you could not do this yourself.

Did you know that conservatives don’t care what color you are? All they care about is who you are and what you can do. They think you should be able to help yourself, regardless of what color God made you. They hire you for the job because you are the best candidate. They know you are the soul inside the body. They care about you, not your skin.

The KKK’s Imperial Lizard Tom Metzger, the Omnipresent Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Omnisouced Teddy Kennedy all have the very same message, “Blacks are incapable of competing on a level playing field. Without the government holding whites back, blacks will never get ahead. Without special treatment they will always be second rate, with special treatment, they will get education and jobs they could not get on their own because they are second rate.”

Contrast that with President Bush’s attitude, “Hire the best.” Too bad for liberals that Condelezza Rice is black. They cannot believe she could be Secretary of State because, after all, she is, well, black. And, they all know blacks will never amount to anything without help from a liberal. They would like to help her, but they can’t really. After all, it is bad enough the poor thing is black, but she is conservative, don’t you know.