Friday, July 29, 2005

The Point of All This and That

Bumper Sticker:
Why do Republicans think my child is their choice?

If it is a child, it is not a choice!

Recent quote from a liberal about abortion counseling:
We hope they would choose life (while of course pushing the abortion).

If one choice is life, the other is inarguably death. Death means murder.

Teenage girls can get abortions without parental notification, yet as of this date, they cannot get their ears pierced. That will change.

Teenager girls can go to a doctor, who can approve the “procedure.” After all, one must protect the privacy of the person involved. Protect the mother’s privacy, while murdering the innocent baby. Remember, the “procedure” is murder. The “medical decision” is being made by a “medical professional”, one qualified to make “medical decisions” in a manner which you and I are not capable.

The whole idea is to get people used to the idea that “medical decisions” should be made by medical professionals (doctors), not by patients or their family. Once that is accepted, forced “euthanasia” or the killing of those not in favor can go forward. If you doubt this, see what is happening in the UK right now.

Patients are being told they do “not have the right to demand any particular form of treatment …” The treatment they do not have the right to demand consists of food and water in this case.

Once all decisions can only be made by “medical professionals”, patients can be killed when they are no longer cost effective. If the statistics say you will not live long enough for your monthly insurance premium to pay back the needed “treatment”, you obviously do not need it.

The Hippocratic Oath is quickly being supplanted by the Hypocrite Oath.

Live while you can, medical treatment is near.

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