Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bush Lied!

The Democratic mantra, repeated over and over.

While it may or may not be true there were WMDs in Iraq before the Coalition invasion, our intelligence services thought they were. President Clinton is on record as having thought WMDs were there. In fact, President Clinton was the author of the Regime Change Executive Order. The CIA, run by Clinton appointee George Tennant, believed they were there. In fact, they were so certain they pushed WMD as the lead reason for going to war. Politicians across the spectrum are on record as believing the WMDs were there and must be gotten rid of. Clearly they were there, Hussein had used them in the past. He appeared to think they were there, otherwise why would he have kept the inspectors out?

When we got to Iraq, we found little or nothing. Does that mean they were not there before? No. Well then, what does it mean? It means they weren’t there when we got there, nothing more, nothing less.

Did President Bush lie? It does not appear he lied. Was what he said correct, given the benefit of the customary 20/20 hindsight? Maybe not, maybe so. So far no one seems to know where the WMD went. President Bush clearly believed his intelligence people who told them the WMDs were there. If he knew they were not there, he would have also known they would not find any upon invasion and he would have a big public relations problem.

Why do we continually hear “Bush lied!”?

The reason is simple, those repeating their mantra have no idea what words mean. The last president is still trying to clarify the meaning of the word “IS”. They are trying desperately to gain traction on something, anything. Never get near a drowning person.

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